Editorial Team

"To achieve its aim, BIO-Complexity is founded on the principle of critical exchange that makes science work. Specifically, the journal enlists editors and reviewers with scientific expertise in relevant fields who hold a range of views on the merit of ID, but who agree on the importance of science for resolving controversies of this kind."

Editors are invited to describe their scientific interests and perspectives in their bios (click on name).

Editor in Chief

Robert J. Marks II, Evolutionary Computing and Information Theory; Baylor University, United States

Founding Editor

Douglas Axe, Enzyme Functional Constraints; Biola University and Biologic Institute, United States

Managing Editor

Jonathan Bartlett, Theoretical Biology and Modeling; The Blyth Institute, United States

Editorial Board

William Basener, Statistics and Population Modeling; Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

Günter Bechly, Fossil History of Insects; Biologic Institute, Germany

Michael Behe, Biochemistry and Biological Complexity; Lehigh University, United States

Walter Bradley, Origin of Life; Baylor University, United States

Stuart Burgess, Biomimetics and Biomechanics; University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Russell Carlson, Biochemistry; University of Georgia, United States

William Dembski, Mathematics and Information Theory; Discovery Institute, United States

Marcos Eberlin, Chemistry; State University of Campinas, Brazil

Winston Ewert, Information Theory and Evolutionary Simulation; Biologic Institute, Canada

Charles Garner, Prebiotic Chemistry; Baylor University, United States

Ann Gauger, Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology; Biologic Institute, United States

Ola Hössjer, Statistics and Population Genetics; Stockholm University, Sweden

Peter Imming, Organic Chemistry; Martin Luther University, Germany

James Keener, Bioengineering and Mathematics; University of Utah, United States

David Keller, Biophysical Chemistry and Molecular Machines; University of New Mexico, United States

Matti Leisola, Enzymology and Enzyme Engineering; Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, Finland

Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig, Plant Genetics; Max Plank Institute for Plant Breeding Research (retired), Germany

Jed Macosko, Biophysics and Molecular Machines; Wake Forest University, United States

Tobias Mattei, Anatomy and Biomechanics, Division Neurological Surgery, Saint Louis University, United States

Scott Minnich, Bacterial Pathogenicity; University of Idaho, United States

Edward Peltzer, Ocean Chemistry, United States

Colin Reeves, Genetic Algorithms and Information Theory; Coventry University, United Kingdom

Ralph Seelke, Microbiology; University of Wisconsin-Superior, United States

Richard Sternberg, Genomics, Cladistics and Theoretical Biology; Biologic Institute, United States

Scott Turner, Physiology, Ecology and Evolution; State University of New York-Syracuse, United States

Jiří Vácha, Pathological Physiology and Evolutionary Theory; Masaryk University (emeritus), Czech Republic

John Walton, Chemistry; University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

Jonathan Wells, Cell and Developmental Biology; Biologic Institute, United States

ISSN: 2151-7444