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Director, The Gene Emergence Project, Department of ProtoBioCybernetics & ProtoBioSemiotics

by David L. Abel (2010-05-12)

Excellent paper.

Generic versus Non-Generic Interfaces

by Jiří Vácha (2010-08-23)

Dear Dr. Axe,

I have studied – as a non-specialist in the molecular „proteinology“ – your article „The case against…“ very carefully. However, I am not sure if I understand some passages of

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Modularity principle once again

by Jiří Vácha (2010-08-28)


I understand now that the chain of peptidic bonds as such in a polypeptide (as its backbone) is actually a trivial matter which says nothing specific about its function etc. Your experiment

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Domain combinations vs. probabilistic resources

by Jiří Vácha (2011-03-14)


As I understand it now, a haphazard combination of two independent protein domains has only a very small chance to be functional ("adaptive"). It seems to me that the question whether the evolution

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