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Generic versus Non-Generic Interfaces

by Jiří Vácha (2010-08-23)

Dear Dr. Axe,

I have studied – as a non-specialist in the molecular „proteinology“ – your article „The case against…“ very carefully. However, I am not sure if I understand some passages of your very interesting paper adequately. Should the „non-generic“ nature of the interface between domains mean that the backbone of the polypeptide composed of, e.g, two domains is not formed exclusively by peptidic bonds? This would be – generally speaking - probably not possible at all? And why could not a module extend the existing structure by a peptidic bond at the „generic“ interface of say an alfa-helix?

Jiri Vacha


Re: Generic versus Non-Generic Interfaces

by Douglas Axe (2010-08-23)

Thank you for your comments, Jiří.

You've asked first whether my discussion of the non-generic nature of binding interfaces, particularly the interfaces between protein domains, implies that there

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